Poems by Tams
  Without You  

When school lets out;
Where do you go;
Do you lay in the sun;
Please tell me so I'll know;
Do you go to the beaches;
And hang out with your friends;
I only wont to make you happy;
Since you are my favorite man;
As for me, I love to just have fun;
And you can find that anywhere;
When you're with the right one;
It doesn't matter if we are here or there;
With you I happy;
Just being anywhere;
As long as you hold me in your arms;
And say those words I love you;
Then there is not a problem;
We wont make it through;
But on the other hand;
Without you I fill I would be lost;
I'd wont you back at any cost;
Because being together 4-ever;
Just you and me;
That's what really makes;
Us meant to be.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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