Poems by Tams
  When I Am Alone  

When I'm all alone and there is no one else around;
Everyone has left for the day;
And in the house there's not a sound;
That's when I sit and think about you;
There is nothing else for me to do;
I used to believe I would have you for my own;
But now I see what a fool I have been;
To think that we could ever be more than friends;
You could never care for me;
That really hurts as you can see;
My life would be great;
If I only had you;
All of my dreams about us;
Would finally be coming true;
But only time will tell;
What the future holds in store;
So I'll just have to wait;
For your love to open the door;
I really love you;
This is more than true;
I wish I didn't;
But I am afraid I do;
At the time I thought I was over you;
That I could maybe love someone new;
Then I found out;
That I am not that strong;
Because everyone has left, and I am all alone.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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