by Lorraine Lawrence
There’s a place I go to get away.]
And at times I want to stay.
For you see Valley has become precious to me.
Would love to be there everyday.
In the early hours of the morning,
as the sun does rise.
It’s the dawn of another day.
With the brillant colors yellow, red,
black and blue.
When nature seems to call to you.
Valley is just a dream,
to those that hasn’t seem.
It’s always on my mind as
you can well see.
“Why you say” Because valley is
always there for me.
Back in the forest, away from the road.
Nature is there for you to behold.
It reminds me that I’m not alone.
For I have the creatures of the Valley,
scurring to their hiding places.
Sounds of the water falls, as he
water falls to become one.
The peace I feel when I am there.
But you know what’s best about Valley to me.
Because it’s Nature and Gods wonder at it best.

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