Poems by Drake
Touched By Angels

By Drake Jones
Today I was touched by an Angel,
When your hands held mine.
I felt your healing powers as your sweet lips felt so fine.
Your eye so deep like the sea,
I hope you know how much you mean to me?
Yes I was touched by an Angel,
The day you walked into my life.
Easing the pain and insurmountable strife.
You felt my pain and wanted to ease it,
Making my life a lot easier.
Yes I thank God each and every day, my love,
For you are the one that was sent from above.
You gave me hope when there was none,
You held my head as I slipped into a daze.
Feeling my pain in a painful gaze.
Yes my Love you truly are my Angel and will always be.
For without you near,
I would not be me.
Deep passion I have for you,
Respect and devotion true.
Holding your hand each and every night,
Through a misty hazed flight.
We both walked through a land of peace and tranquillity.
Where no one can hurt you or me.
Our lips met as one,
Holding each other close was so much fun.
Yes my love you are my Angel, you see,
For without you I could never again be me.

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