Poems by Tams
  Then You'll See  

I woke up one morning;
To find you were gone;
You were never coming back;
My life was all wrong;
But I showed you;
I would not just sit around;
I got my life in order;
From where you knocked me down;
And now that I know;
How it fills to be used;
I'll be smarter next time;
And not be abused;
No man will ever hurt me again;
They will understand;
That all I need is a friend;
And if the time ever comes;
When I shall find love with someone new;
I won't have to worry;
That they'll do me like you;
Because they will respect me;
For who I am;
And not what they can get out of me;
It will happen one day;
Then you'll see.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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