The Heart Remembers

The Heart Remembers
By Richard Drake Jones

Here lies in this cold lonely grave,
A heart broken and brave.
Belonging to a soul and a being so rare,
That no life could compare.
With out regression or haste,
It loved with out distaste.
Feeling hurt and dispare,
Longing for someone to care.
To be held in deep respect,
Knowing only cold neglect.
Here it lays for the world to see,
Yes this heart belongs to me.
It's life short and weary,
Like it's soul so worn and dreary.
A man of Passionate desire,
Caring more for those higher.
Darkness and cold it now enveloped,
A heart remembers,
Like a mind surrenders.
The body old and torn,
Waiting to be reborn.
Here lays this heart now just a memory,
For some it's never forgotten,
But casts it spell on those it sees.
A heart remembers,
Do you?

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