Tender Years Of You

by Richard Drake Jones

 "Sleep my Love sleep",
  I heard you say,
       As we held each other in a daze,
  In a darkened room,
 Tears did flow,
    Upon a pillow, we both know,
      "Parting such sweet sorrow,"
       You went your way and I went mine.
           Uncertain if we’d see the bright sunshine.
  Sitting alone again,
 S uch silent noise abound,
   There I sat with tears and a frown.
 How I’ve missed you so,
  So much that you’d never know.
Our talks and soft sweet hugs,
Tender Dreams of You have I.
 Waltzing across a clear blue sky.
 Kisses of sweet wine,
   Holding hands in the bright sunshine.
Alone we are now,
           But I shall always be with you some how
  We’ve walked together,
 Now we walk alone,
  Soon we shall be together,
  Never more to moan.
   Hear my voice, my dear,
   Calling your name you do not fear.
                          The one you hold dear.                   
Yes it’s me,Take my hand and let us always be near.
 Tender Dreams I shall always have of you,
     Sweet caresses and tender moments,
     Tender Dreams of you I shall have now and forever,
Of quiet times together.
 Scuffling like children,
      Laughing and carrying on so,
    Later holding one another with love in our eyes.
  Here my call dearest one,
       Let us walk under the rising sun.
       Where no pain exists,
    Just joy that shall always persist.


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