My name is Tamatha Jane Guthrie aka (Titan Chick) on the net
I am 31 year old female
Happily married for over 13 years now to my wonderful husband Kevin..
We recently made our home in a small town called Elkmont,Alabama
That is where hubby was born and raised
After having spent nearly 12 years traveling around while hubby was in the US Army
It sure is great to be back around our wonderful families
My hobbies include Reading, Crochett, Writing Poetry & Short Stories,
Chatting on net, Graphic and Webpage Design
Remembering back I started writing poetry back in high school
It was a wonderful way to express what a person can go through during that time in there life
then as I got older I found myself writing even more and with more spirit
I also owe part of the credit to my great mother ( Lori )
Who has always encouraged me to follow my dreams
Love you mom !!!!
and who also shares a passion for words
I totally believe that we are all given some gift of artistic expression
Rather it be with words, song, or other various forms of art
to express yourself is to know who you are...
least that is how i have always felt


Tammy's First Poem

I Have A Love

I have a love that is faithful and true;
And I guess you know;
That special love is you;
You are always nice to me;
And tell me you care;
And when the other girls go after you;
You tell them your mine not there's;
The love I have for you;
Is and will always be strong;
And with the love we have for each other;
We can never go wrong;
You know I love you;
I told you so today;
But I just want to say I love you;
In this very special way.

I Love You!

of Tamatha Perkins Guthrie - 1985