Poems by Tams
  On My Own  

You wont me to do this;
You need me to do that;
Well if that is the case;
You know where it's at;
I am sick and tired;
Of being your slave;
I wish you would grow up;
And learn to behave;
When you speak to me;
You make me frown;
When will you stop;
All this clowning around;
I fill there is just nothing there for us anymore;
What do you expect;
When you treat me like a whore;
I wait on you day after day;
And this is how you tend to repay;
By giving me orders;
Thinking Iíll go through with them;
Well you can start tending to yourself;
You senseless jerk;
Keep your filthy wealth;
I wont no more;
Of it or you;
I'm going to be on my own now;
Which means we are through.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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