Poems by Tams
  Nobody At All  

There are times;
When things go wrong;
That you don't wonít people around;
But you don't wont to be alone;
You need a special friend;
Who will always be there;
To help you out;
And show you they care;
Well anytime you need me;
I'll be here for you;
I'll do the best I can;
To help you pull through;
If it's a secrete;
It will be safe you see;
Because I promise no matter what;
You can always trust me;
I know when to let you work it out for yourself;
But Iíll be there to listen;
Even if nothing else;
I don't care;
What everyone says;
You are still my friend;
No matter what the case;
I will always be here;
So if you need me call;
Because I would rather have someone;
To share my problems with;
Then to have nobody at all.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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