Poems by Tams
  My True Feelings  

Sure there are a couple of guys;
That I think are cute;
But they have terrible personalities;
There brains must be on mute;
Then on the other hand there is you;
The one who could make;
All my dreams come true;
Yet you just do not notice;
The way you make me fill;
When I am around you;
I ask myself if you are real;
Because your looks are so great;
Your personality is fine;
I just hope;
That someday you'll be mine;
So I sit and wait to see;
If you'll ever come around;
But now you're with her;
You say it's love you found;
But I can't stop the way I fill;
What am I to do;
Now that you're with another;
Just give up hope;
That one day we'll love each other;
Oh why do I wait for you;
Is what I ask myself everyday;
But no matter what;
I still fill the same way;
Girl after girl I have known you to have;
Some were even my friends;
But could I get mad;
Maybe someday this love I fill for you;
Will somehow die or live its fate;
But it is so strong;
That it may become greater;
I'll never know the reason why;
You fill I would you wrong;
Hopefully soon we'll be together;
And your love for me will be real;
But for now I wanted to let you know;
This is truly how I fill.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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