Poems by Drake
My Tennessee Blue Eyed Soulmate

by Richared Drake Jones

        Though dreams we’ve both shared,
          Along mountain streams and valley’s we’ve walked,
    Our thoughts and experiences untaught.
   Brown haired, blue eyed lady,
 My Tennessee Soul Mate one,
     Here you stand under a noon day sun.
 Eyes of crystal blue,
    A smile like a meadows hue.
   We’ve walked this path before we both know,
    Within our hearts we are as one,
                     Beneath the warmth of a summer’s sun.
           Our souls bared wide,
               Sharing our joys and sorrowed pride.
                 With out guilt or sorrow be,
               We stand together just you and me.
         As the Coyotes all at night,
        A doe takes flight,
          Hearing our approaching glee,
      Yes dear Soul Mate,
    Just you and me.
   July 6th, 1998



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