Poems by Drake
My Soul Mate

By Richard Drake Jones
Winds of summer blow soft upon my skin,
Searching for you through thick or thin,
Upon the waters of time we walked,
Through yearning we spoke,
Soft words of tenderness.
My Soul Mate I seek,
Finding her leaves me weak.
Through time we were as one,
Having fun under the noon day sun.
Our desires of being free,
To walk alone hand in hand,
Along the warm sands of time.
Holding you close and my Soul Mate I have found,
In a world I that has left me sound.
Her smile a joy to behold,
Her eyes of sorrow's past,
Joyous days and nights that last,
Yes my Dear you are the one,
I cry for in my moonlit night,
Wishing you near,
To hold back my fear, For you are my Soul Mate you see,
Bringing me joy that never could be.
Awaken my soul,
Awaken my heart,
For you shall always be a part.
Of my life and my destiny.
For you are my Soul Mate you see.

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