Poems by Tams
  My Dreams  

We all have dreams;
We hope will come true;
But sometimes it seems;
Like they never do;
Because all day long;
I dream about you;
That you'll soon be mine;
I know I shouldn't dream about that;
I have wasted too much time;
I keep waiting, thinking you'll call;
And ask me out;
It's a dream that's all;
I've tried to stop;
This dream I dream;
But I guess I never will;
Or so it seems;
When we talk were pretty good friends;
But when we don't;
That friendship sort of ends;
I've tried to sit down and talk to you;
But you wont talk to me;
To talk it takes two;
Maybe someday if we are meant to be;
We will be together;
But then again that may be never;
So until the day my dream comes true;
I'll always be dreaming of you.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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