Mother's Tears
by Lorraine Lawrence
A mother’s tears is expression.
Anger, fright, fear, sadness and love.
It slowly slips down her cheek.
To give her some kind of relief.
Only it knows the grief.
A mother’s tears is like a lonely river.
As it tries to flow to sea.
A vision of her children grown and carefree.
Mother’s tears tell of happy beginnings and sad endings.
Mother’s tears are like no other.
For at times they will start and know no end.
Yet she ask  for God to give her strength to carry on.
And see beyond her tears she sheds.
Mother’s tears only she can stop the flow.
Yet she knows this is reality and no dream.
Mother’s tears she knows she will continue to shed.
Whether happy, sad, loneliness, fear ,fright or love.
They will continue to flow.

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