Poems by Tams

Momma you always told me;
All of my dreams would one day come true;
But it would of never happened;
If it had not been for you;
When I needed a push;
You gave me a shove;
When I need to know you care;
You give me a hug;
Everything will be alright;
That is what I always say;
I always believe you;
Even till this day;
Now I am gone;
Because I am out on my own;
I am married now;
And help run my own home;
But if the day ever comes;
When I need a friend;
I know you are here for me;
Even till the very end;
Sometimes we go through;
What we all call hard times;
It makes me wish;
I was still learning nursery rhymes;
Because times can be tough;
When you're out on your own;
We still need our parents help;
To keep us from doing wrong;
Thank you mom;
For always being there for me;
For always helping me;
Be all that I can be;
Maybe one day I'll have a child of my own;
Then surely I'll understand;
How a mom is never wrong;
Even when that day comes;
I will still need you;
Because mom without your support;
I would never make it through.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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