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  My Father  



I once knew a man;
Who my love for was very true;
I really cared for him a lot;
There was nothing he could not do;
He gave me the life;
That I have always known;
But what am I to do;
Now that he is gone;
Oh I fill the pain will never end;
And my life is a total wreck;
Sometimes I fill I should just end it all;
By jumping off some deck;
Sometimes I sit up late at night;
Trying to cry myself to sleep;
I knew I had to do something;
But my feelings just ran to deep;
The angels had took him up to God;
There was nothing that I could do;
I feel he is very happy now;
And for him it's a dream come true;
Then one day I’ll join him;
In that machine in the sky;
I knew then I had no reason to cry;
Cause even though my dad is gone;
And his face I can no longer see;
There is no one in this world;
Who can take away my memories.

Dedicated to the memory of my father
Mr. Robert James Perkins
Known as ‘Jackie’ to all his friends.
Who passed away on July 15th 1984.
"I'll always love you daddy".


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