Poems by Tams

When two people are in love;
It is a wonderful thing;
Once you've cared for someone so deeply;
Your life will never be the same;
But don't be in a hurry to find it;
No matter how old you are;
Because to find love to fast;
Can lead to a broken heart;
You wont to know that the one you love;
Will always be by your side;
Through all the good days and all the bad;
They wont need to run and hide;
The right person will always know;
When you have had a rough day;
They will put their arms around you;
And help make it Ok;
You will look up at the stars together;
And treasure such a beautiful sight;
As you are walking hand in hand;
On a beautiful summer's night;
And as winter arrives they'll keep you warm;
No matter how cold you get;
You will burn with a passion for each other;
The kind of passion that you will never forget;
No one knows where he or she will find love;
It is just something that happens one day;
But once you find it;
It never goes away;
To sum up this story;
Which you know is true;
Somewhere out there your special love ;
Is waiting just for you.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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