Writer's Block

Lost in the 50's Forest
A story writen by us Writer Block members
We hope you enjoy reading the first of what we hope is many stories to come
Keep checking back as we are constantly adding !!

The four young couples had booked the cabins at this bed & breakfast
hidden in the mountains. As they approached the picturesque setting
they were filled with excitement. They planned on dancing and wooing
the weekend away and looked forward to the solving the mystery at the
party tomorrow night.. The main cabin came into view, it set on the
edge of the woods. They could barely see the five other cabins
nestled in the woods behind the main cabin. There was a sparkling
tree lined lake in a clearing to the right of the main cabin. A much
different setting than a person might expect after seeing the gaudy
neon sign at the turn off proclaiming
_____________ Inn with the flashing arrow pointing the way. As they got closer they didn't
realize that one of the proprietors was in the shadows of the forest
watching them approach. He was anxious for the weekend to get
started. He had nurtured a grudge for a long time against one in this
group and he could hardly wait for what would transpire at this
mystery party. It made it even more fun for him because he knew he
wouldn't be recognized.

Meanwhile back at the..................Inn an anxious Lynus is
working around the clock getting ready for the guests to arrive.
Everything must be perfect. He owed that much to Nathan, his brother- in-law, for giving him this job.

First to arrive was Richard and Tanya Simon..oh he had heard a lot
about them.. Major players in the stock market... Richard owned 3
companies... and Tanya.. well let's just say she was more than just
the woman behind her man.. Tanya was quite unusual for a women of the
50's. Not content to stay at home she jumped into the business world
and now has 2 major companies of her own..but at what sacrifice to
her private life? How they did it Nathan would never know... must be nice though, he thought...

Then came Thomas and Agatha Normand... they were your typical middle
class couple.. 2 kids and 3 dogs... etc... who just really needed
some time away.. and a little excitement... which he was sure they would get... ( he smirks )
Next was Mark and Alicia Richards... oh Alicia Richards... how he was looking forward to meeting her..
Supermodel and more.. and from what he had heard about Mark he had a lot to learn about treating a woman like that with respect...
Last scheduled to arrive was Robert and Amy Cyrus... Robert was a
retired military Captain who had just gotten out of the service a
year or so ago.. Amy after spending over 25 years as a Captains wife
was finally content with concentrating on being a grandma to her 3 grandchildren...
All were very different yet interesting couples and all had a very
different reason for being there.. some more than others he
thought... Looking at his watch he noticed it was almost time... Let the game begin.. he smirks again.
At approximately quarter to six the couples assembled in the dining
room to eat dinner. At each seat was an envelope which stated the
name of each individual signifying their seating position. As they
took their places at the table they opened the envelopes and began to
view the contents found within. In it was a note welcoming the guests
and instructions for that nights mystery game.........
Tanya looked so sweet with her hair in a pony tail with the big bow that matched her full skirt. Richard sported a beautiful DA haircut slicked back with brylcream. His shirt collar stood up with perfection. It was so unlike both of them but this was their get-a-way so they dressed the way they never could in their everyday life.

Richard opened his envelope, Tanya waited with anticipation (with her business savay she was sure they would win.) The note said...Somewhere in the forest surrounding the cabins lies the secret. Follow the clues and win the big surprise. The first clue read...The tree is lined with moss, the moss is on the rock, the rock is round, part underground and the answer is there to be found.

They looked at each other and knew right away! The tree and rock in the clue was right beside their car. Richard whispered to Tanya, "As soon as dinner is over we will go find the clue to solve the mystery". Tanya smiled and excitedly squeezed his hand and said..."Who would have guessed it would be so easy!"

more to come