I'm from south eastern Pa.
I've been widowed for 2 years and live with my two siamese cats.
I'm a breast cancer survivor and have lupus but can get along just fine.
I started writing after a 30 year lull to thank my friends.
When my husband died I found out just how wonderful they are.
I made a web site and put the poems I wrote on it for them.
My site is dedicated to friendship and love.

Linda's First Poem

Heart Song

How do I begin to tell you what you mean to me
The subtle smile, the way you accept me as I am.
If the world around us could see how I feel about you,
how wonderful our friendship has become
Then it too would be changed for eternity.

When we first met..I saw a light in you
A shining ray of love eminating from your soul
To be your friend has been my life's joy,
For you my dear one..are the magic of life
and would make the world feel brand new.

If someone would ask the age old question.. where is love
I would tell them just look around for it's in your eye's
The warmth in your heart and the love in your soul.
Has the power to make my troubles seem small.
And for that my friend..I thank God above.

of Linda aka Kims Blue Jeans