Life Without Companionship

Life Without Companionship
I wish sometimes I could read my own mind,
and let my feelings take me where I want to go.
You find life has taken a turn.
Like you have stepped back from being burned.
Loneliness is something that I find very hard to deal with.
Only to find that it doesn't get any easier with passing of time.
Like looking at a empty frame hanging on the wall.
I turn out the lights, and close my eyes,
and find there is no one there to hold me tight.
There is no footsteps I hear coming down the hall.
That is when I shed the silent tears I have held within.
With companionship you have someone to tell your feelings too.
Eyes that you can look into and know he will be there.
Dreams that both of you can share.
That companion is out there somewhere even
though we have never met.
We will meet one day and help each other.
Lorraine Lawrence 06/11/98

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