Poems by Tams
  A Knock At The Door  

She heard a knock at the door;
And knew it was him;
What was she going to do;
She couldn’t take it anymore;
He had beat her for the past 10 years;
Will it ever stop;
She asked through her tears;
The noise grew louder;
Because he was trying to get in;
She knew he would break it down;
Then decided it had to end;
No more would he beat her;
No more will she cry;
She had been hurt enough;
It was someone’s turn to die;
So she went to the dresser;
And pulled out the gun;
She knew she had to do it;
He had killed her only son;
As the memories came back;
Of all those terrible days;
The future seemed clear to her now;
She must make him pay;
And she knew exactly how;
As she loaded the barrel;
Her feelings full of hatred and strife;
She raised the gun to her head;
Said forgive me lord for what I am about to do;
And as the shot rang out he knew;
She had taken her own life.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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