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by: Kim Blue Jeans
The House looks like one of those old Victorian Houses sitting on top of a hill surrounded by dead or dying trees. Something out of a Horror movie, I was thinking when I pulled up. I inherited it from my long lost uncle who they say died from some mysterious illness. What they were actually saying is they don't know what killed him they just know he died. I didn't even know about him until about 3 weeks ago when a lawyer showed up on my door step with the will in hand. There was a hand written letter inside from Uncle Herbert, saying how much he would have liked to meet me but with the tension between my family and himself he thought my life would be less complicated if he stayed away. He continued to say he wanted me to have this house because I was the only one that followed in his footsteps and studied chemistry in college. Little did he know I flunked out.

I got out of my car and walked up the winding walk, concrete was breaking in pieces and there was grass growing in between the cracks. The porch was in bad need of repair, the railings were broken and the floor of the porch buckled in the center, and looked like with the slightest pressure would result in the whole thing falling into an unrecognizable heap. Carefully I made it to the door, and what a door! It was Huge with old scrolling and mold work that would make any carpenter proud. It creaked loudly as I pushed it open. There to my amazement was the most magnificent living area I've ever seen! The whole place was restored to the original beauty and my heart leaped into my throat, "it's mine" I said to myself.

Room after room I explored with delight, finally when all was covered I went to explore the basement. I walked down the stairs and there was an assortment of garden tools all along the stairway. At the bottom there were three doors. I noticed the one had chains and padlocks on it so decided that was the place I should look next. I finally got all the chains undone and opened the door. I couldn't believe my eyes. It looked like a chemistry lab. I moved around the room I couldn't believe my eyes it was the most sophisticated lab I've ever seen! In the corner there was a glass closet and a sign that read enter at your own risk! I looked around for notes to explain what was going on and found a notebook full of them. It seems as if my uncle was experimenting with rejuvenating formulas. I read all night it was fascinating. Then I came to the page that explained his death. The notebook told me to look in the other room and that all my questions would be answered. I walked into the next room and there was a huge box..it had tubes and hoses coming out of it..a note on the box said "Push the button now!"

I sat there for what seemed to be mins. but it was more like an hour. My curiosity got the better of me so I pushed the button. The box started to jump and spin and it shook so hard I thought the house would fall down. Then the thing started smoking I ran as fast as I could to the door. No sooner did I get to the door and it all went quiet so I walk cautiously back to the box and there was this scratching sound coming from inside. There was a little window along the one side so I crept up to it and made myself look in. There inside was .....are you ready?.....scroll down

are you sure you want to go on?

The box was full of those miniature marshmallows!! My uncle discovered how they make those little buggers! The only problem was he was addicted and he ate himself to death lol lol lol!

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