Poems By Jennifer

These are some poems by a special friend of mine.. Jennifer... Hope you enjoy !!

The Gambler
A young lad of 1 with innocent eyes
Had a naivetť-Never told lies
Ran with the wrong group of peers
ďDo it, Do, itĒ is all he hears
Took a gamble on his life
He felt no pain or strife
Now at 18, he rolls destinyís dice
Snake eyes-Itís over-Now pay the price
2/28/93 3:19 PM

Her Black Wings
The anger builds up in her heart and takes over her mind
The love she felt for her victim was not of a normal kind
He told her it was over-She vows to see him dead
Who knows whatís going on in her head
The pain in her soul didnít compare to the fire in he eyes
Everyone knew she wasnít the type to tell lies
One faithful night while he was with his new love
Revenge was all she could think of
She picked up a butcher knife-Chased him around
About to take his life-He didnít make a sound
He grabs his revolver and shoots her to the floor
Happy sheís dead-He couldnít take anymore
Sheís up with the angles and all the good things
Flying around in heaven on her black wings
4/3/93 1:57 PM

I try so hard to be everything to everyone
Trust me when I tell you that is no fun
The perfect daughter, girlfriend, or friend
When will it ever end?
When I try no one gives a damn
Iíve lost sight of who I am
What do I like? How should I be?
What is it that makes me ME?
One day I will figure it all out
Thatís what growing upís all about
10/3/99 7:20 PM

I want back my childhood innocence
It left me with my inexperience
If only I could take back that one night
Maybe then my life would be all right
Iím tired of not being able to forget
Iím tired of living with such regret
I canít turn back time and itís going so fast
I want to accept things from my past
Itís hard, itís hurting, but I want to be OK
I just know I canít go on this way
I need to move on and I donít know how
The healing must start and it must start now
I want to love myself again
I want to get rid of this pain
In time the painíll weaken but never go away
Unfortunately in my head it will forever stay
10/3/99 7:47 PM

My True Sister
One may say a sister is a girl related by blood
Someone you may have teased or played with in the mud
Someone you shared a room with and saw grow
As I get older I see that this isnít so
Itís someone who understands you-Knows your thoughts and fears
A person you grow up with in heart rather than years
We are sisters by choice, by love, and in mind
The bond we share is the most special kind
I say to you my sister I love ya more than words can say
Our closeness is something thatíll never go astray
6/28/00 12:20 PM

My Mask
I wear a mask so I could hide
Thereís a smile on it when inside Iíve cried
No one can see where the mask ends and I begin
It covers me all the way to my chin
I never take it off-I cannot be real
Too afraid how others will feel
So I took it off for this moment in time
Once it goes back on Iíll be fine
So when you meet me-Who do you see?
Are you seeing the mask or is it me?

Hey all you tall people I have something to say
The way you treat short people is not OK
Weíre tired of being pushes around and kicked by your boot
Being referred at ďshortyĒ or cute
Itís time you spent more time looking towards the ground
Because there are many of us and we do not make a sound
Please remember, just like you, we were sent from above
We may be half your size-That just means more of us to love
12/24/00 4:10 PM

My world changed when I was 7-Doctors found something wrong
A chromosomal difference I was gonna have to push along
A childhood full of doctors who liked to prod and poke
I thought that this was God's cruelest joke
My world changed when I was 11-I no longer could grow
Had to take shots-Prayed the scars wouldn't show
After all the trouble-9 Inches was my gain
I may still be short but it was worth the pain
My world changed when I was 15-I became as happy as can be
I finally met someone who was just like me
Someone who understood me and knew what I was going through
When I felt I was the only one-I now knew there were 2
My world changed when I was 18-I'll never been the same again
It made me lose respect for myself and for men
I cannot seem to forget it no matter how hard I try
I still go on with my day and just get by
Now at 25- My world changes even more
Trying to get my life to where it was before
I'm relearning to like myself and even smile
God let my life be stable for awhile

Dear God......
I need some answers to my questions-I hope you do not mind
I understand you are merciful, loving, and kind
I believe you are there whenever we call
There are just some things I do not comprehend at all
Why is there so much hatred?-Thereís nothing to gain
Why is so much suffering?-People are in much pain
Give me a sign that there is a reason for all this
Some purpose for the hurt that I somehow miss
Guess I am on my own-Iíll figure this out, I hope
Till then give me the strength I need to cope
Jen Phillips
3:47 PM

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