Poems by Tams
  I Won't Cry  

You are such a scumbag;
You thought you had me fooled;
Your nothing but un cool;
You actually think I'd go back for you;
Not since you said that;
You know I'm not a fool;
My hopes are not high;
And my heart is still in tact;
So you can stop your little game;
Just end it where it's at;
You think you can hurt me;
But I'm telling you now;
I'm not hurt at all;
Why should I be you cow;
You will never hear another word from me;
So go back to your friends;
And all those girls you wont to see;
But you just remember when all of this is through;
You wont have me to run to;
I'll still be your friend;
But only if you stop the lies;
Because there is no way;
You're going to make me cry.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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