Poems by Tams
  I Will Always Love You  

You were that special person;
The one in my dreams;
But now I've decided to let go;
Of the hope I have for you and me;
And now it seems;
My life is so empty;
And there's nothing more for me to do;
Except to sit around all alone;
And think of nothing but you;
I really love you;
You were all the hope I had;
I never tried to tell you;
Because I feared you would get mad;
I knew you could never care;
For someone like me;
Cause I was not like all the other girls;
That you were trying to see;
I tried to find a way;
To make you understand;
That you could make all of my dreams come true;
But I could tell you were busy;
Thinking of your dreams to;
I am just so sorry;
For all those times;
That I kept pressuring you to be mine;
And thanks a lot for being nice to me;
Through all that hard time;
But even though you may not like the idea;
There is just one more thing I have to say;
I will always love you;
In a very special way.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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