In The Beggining

In  the Beginning
by Lori
Jan. 4, 1999
In the beginning we were one Soul.
Then the time came,
We divided into two seperate souls.
We believed in each other,
As we still should know each other's thoughts.
So many tears have we cried.
Through so many troubled times have we traveled.
Yet we still have pride.
My eyes, now look at the distance.
The sky is wide, blue in depthless.
There are no clocks to measure the time.
Winds are dark, among the stars.
I tend to fight and hold back the tears,
and not show the misery and pain of
the love we knew.
You showed me how to live,
How to take flight and fly.
You guided me and gave my faith back to me.
Yet there is so much I would still like to share with you.
Yet the wind is dark and cold.
I stand alone under the stars.
Wondering if the Keeper of the Stars can hear my plea.
For the distance put between thee.

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