Poems by Tams
  I'll Really Love You  

There is something I think you should know;
You are a very special guy;
Even if no one else thinks so;
You will always be;
The one in my dreams;
Just give me a chance;
To show what I mean;
I don't need him;
I just wont you;
I'll do anything I can;
That's all that I can do;
I want to show you how I fill;
But it's all up to you;
I promise I'm for real;
I really wont us to get together;
I'll stick by you;
Through any kind of weather;
With me you will not get hurt;
I really care about you as you can see;
Those other girls were jerks;
All they did was use you;
That's not the case with me;
The point I am making.
I promise is true;
If you'll give me a chance;
I'll really love you.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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