Poems by Tams

You thought you could hurt me;
But you found out you were wrong;
So just quite trying;
Because I am already gone;
If I ever felt anything for you;
This game you have played;
Has made me to pull through;
I no longer care what you do to me;
My feelings wont get hurt;
As you will easily see;
There's a lot of things I could say;
But I'll save that for another day;
I will say you are nothing but dirt;
And your crazy as hell;
If you think I'm hurt;
You can't hurt me;
I'm too strong for you;
Because of all those hard times you put me through;
Did you think I would keep being your girl;
When you don't even care;
If I'm in this world;
I hope in the future that you will see;
That the way you have acted;
Does not bother me;
And when you're lucky enough to find someone new;
I hope like hell;
That they don't hurt you.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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