Friendship Means

by Lorraine Lawrence
You know when friends get together and laugh and have a great time,
that is what life is all about sometimes.  Laughter heals the heart and
soul.  Love... whereas makes the world  go around..Without love in
this world to share with others would be nothing but a empty shell.
Yesterday your life was feel with saddness, sitting at home all alone.
Trying hard not to hurt, and think of tomorrow’s to come.
But everyday is something new to challenge you.
With friends you can share a good laugh, secerts, disappointments, dreams,or just a problem big or small. Friends are the ones that when
you fall they are there to pick you up, and let you know that someone
in this world still cares.
For I feel that there is nothing no greater than friendship, where someone cares and shares and strenghen’s my heart and  soul in all my sorrow’s and gladness and to be with me in the silent unspoken memories

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