For The Love Of A Man
For the Love of a Man
by Lorraine Lawrence
All for the love of a man.
A woman sometimes gives her hand.
He's almost always on her mind.
Even when she has little time.
Behind close doors they do go.
As she's not strong enough to say no.
His kiss is so gentle, like the breeze to the trees.
As his hands starts exploring every where they see.
And when he saids "he has just befun"
She looks at you and says "Oh boy what's to come",
Your hypnotize by the moon, even tho its just noon.
The woman in me, expresses her love.
Knowing that I am safe within your hugs.
With passionate kisses I do begin.
And taking you where there is no end.
When you say nothing at all, I know you are fulfill.
You have won my heart, body and soul.
I swear to be faithful to you, you know.
And every little thing about you I want to know.
I love the way you love me.
You will always be on my mind.
Will think about you all the time.
Until you come back to me with given time.

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