Poems by Tams
  Find Someone New  

When someone loves you;
And you know it's true;
That there the right one;
Then there is only one thing to do;
Make sure it last;
That they never leave;
Or you'll be alone;
And all you'll do is dream;
If they go;
Try to get them back;
If they've made up their mind;
Then get back on the right track;
Don't let people know you've been hurt;
If someone asks what is wrong;
Try not to let it show;
As hard as it may be;
Just pick up the pieces;
And find someone new;
There is someone out there;
That I'm sure is just for you;
Then your life will be great again;
And you won’t fill like such a fool;
Because you had the courage;
To find someone new.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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