Poems by Tams
  Dreams Come True  

When I need help;
There is no one else around;
You always talk to me;
No matter what problem I have found;
Or just when I wont someone;
To tell me I have a friend;
You are always there for me;
Always till the very end;
I will always remember;
The great times we've had;
The two of us together;
But now I am very mad;
Because now you've left;
You needed a new home;
And I really miss you;
I wish you wouldn't have gone;
You told me you didn't wont to go;
But there were a lot of things;
You felt I couldn't know;
All I know is I wish you were here;
To tell me you love me;
And to hold me near;
My life now is lonely and blue;
All I wont is to be with you;
Someday I know you'll be mine again;
Then our friendship will never end;
We'll both be happy;
As our love shines through;
Hopefully you'll return;
To make all my dreams come true.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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