Dreams of Vows Unspoken
Dreams of Vows Unspoken

Welcome to what I hope will be the beggining of my first book. I hope you enjoy it as much I am enjoying writing it.
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Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day for a wedding, and Barbara Alexander just knew her oldest daughter was going to make a beautiful bride. Then of coarse Jacqueline had always been very attractive.
With her long blond hair and her soft blue eyes You could always tell Jacqueline'sí mood by her eyes.
"She takes after her father"
Barbara thought to herself. Looking over at him as he was talking to his oldest child. You could easily tell just how much he loved his children,
Even though he was considered by them to be very overprotective. It was only after Jason and Jacqueline had proved to him that they could Stay together through the test of time had he given them his blessing His feelings were that any couple that could stand the test of a long Engagement could last forever. What she kept recalling was the fact that they had gotten married after only knowing each other for just a few months Barbara could help to think just how handsome he still was Even after 25 years of marriage he could still take her breath away It was getting late and she knew they needed to get to the chapel
"Come on you two lets get going, Teri and Tami were leaving".
Without hesitation the two teenagers came running down the stairs almost at the same time.
"They were twinsí twin all right "
Jacqueline thought to herself .She was very proud of both of them. It was great to have a younger brother and sister. She recalled that she was only 10 years old when they were born. After all her parents had tried for many years to have another child and they were all very blessed with the birth of the twins. They had always been a very close family. The twins knew they could come to her about anything. They were both so excited when her and Jason invited them to be in the wedding. Tami as a bridesmaid and Teri as an usher. Just thinking of that made Jacqueline starts to feel nervous.
She could not believe that in just a few short hours she would finally be Mrs. Jason Walters.
They met their senior year in high school and feel in love instantly. Then decided to get engaged during there second year of college. Jacqueline had graduated a few years ago. However, Jason was still attending Med-School. She was very proud of him for the way he was trying so hard to make a good life for them. While Jacqueline had gotten herself a degree in Business Management. Jason had chosen Pediatrics as his field. He loved kids and she was glad of that. Especially since she had just found out this morning that she pregnant with their child.
Jacqueline had already told Jason. They had gotten together earlier for breakfast. She knew it was bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the ceremony. However, she just had to tell him. Since they had never kept any secrets from each other, she was not about to start now. Especially not about this. His expression was priceless when she told him. His look told her that she had nothing to fear. Even though they both agreed that starting a new marriage with a baby would not be easy. He assured her it was a blessing that was meant to be. With her fears at rest she turned her concentration fully to the events at hand and started preparing herself for the ceremony.
As he was looking at himself in the mirror Jason couldnít help but compliment himself on just how good he looked.
He liked to do that. He wasnít conceded. However, he believed in keeping a positive attitude about himself and life. In just a few short hours he would be marrying the woman of his dreams. Jacqueline and him himself had been together for along time now. Sure he thought there had been some bad times. But, even then they always handled it together, talking things out and compromising. He felt that was very important in a relationship. He had no doubts that Jacqueline and himself would have a wonderful future together. Now there was even going to be a baby to bless their lives. He was so excited. Every since she had told him the wonderful news this morning it was all he could think about. He knew that wasnít fair to Jacqueline but, he could not help himself. Being a father someday was something he had always dreamed about. And now he would be. He loved Jacqueline so much. Her beautiful smile, her soft touch. Jason couldnít help but think that she was right out of a fairy tail that was written especially for him. His thoughts going back to what was happening he grabbed his keys and was walking out the door when he heard his parents call out for him. They were such great people he thought. He just wanted to tell them all about his exciting news. However, Jacqueline and him had decided that they would wait till after the ceremony before telling anyone. So as not to take away from the moment.
After doing some thinking Jason quickly told his parents that he would meet them at the chapel and to go ahead without him. He had one more stop to make before he started his future with Jacqueline. He had decided after she told him about the baby that opening an account for him or her would be the best wedding present he could give his future bride.
Jason walked into the bank and was able to open the account right away. Now that he had started to secure the babyís future then he could marry Jacqueline knowing they were ready for this next step. As he was getting ready to leave ,two robbers walked into the bank and within seconds shots were fired. When Jason was shot the first time he quickly got down on the floor like the robbers told him to do. He had to hold on he told himself. There was Jacqueline and now the baby to think about. They needed him. Then there was a second shot and to Jason the world suddenly went black.

Back at the chapel Jacqueline was getting ready for her big walk down the aisle. She had been told that Jason hadnít arrived yet. But, she knew he would be there. He probably just got tied up doing some last minute errands. Her thoughts running wild though she had to wonder if perhaps he was having second thoughts. Maybe he had decided that he wasnít ready for marriage and a family. Then she let her doubts leave her because she knew that could not be true. His manner had been to jubilant when she told him about the baby. He had no reason to lie to her. And he knew he could tell her anything. Then why wasnít he here yet she wondered? Her mind wondered even more when a half-hour later he still hadnít arrived.
Luckily she had Rachel there to help keep her calm. They had been best friends since Jr. High School. Rachel had been the new girl in town. Her family having just moved to Tennessee from California. Rachel had been very nervous about meeting new friends and having new teachers. But, after meeting Jacqueline she felt better instantly. Jacqueline had taken her around and introduced her to everyone and got her involved with some of the same activities that she was in. They really hit it off and had always been there for each other. Now it was time for Rachel to be there for her.
"Donít worry so much Jacqueline, Heíll be here." " Besides knowing you two the way we do, you actually think we planned this wedding to start on time?"
Jacqueline couldnít help but smile. It appeared they were always late for functions. Especially with both busy schedules. Her fears settling a little she started with her final preparations.

At the bank the police were just starting to arrive. They had responded to the alarms going off. But, buy the time they had arrived. The robbers had already fled the scene. First to arrive was Sgt. Bruce Reynolds. He had been on the force for almost seven years. It never gets easier he told himself as he approached the scene. First thing he spotted was the victims. Richard Stevens had been Bruceís partner form the start of his career as a cop. They did great work together. Bruce thought they made a great team. "Letís get these people to a hospital!" Bruce shouted. First checking them for ID so as to notify the families. He felt lucky this time. There was only two of them . Both were young men and appeared to be in their twenties, about 6 ft. tall. Neither one appeared to be married. It was still enough to send a chill up Bruceís spine. In all his years on the force , he would never get use to this. After making sure the victims were on their way to the hospital Bruce and Richardsí next job was the part they hated the most. Notifying the families.
"You take the other guy, Iíll take this Jason Walters" Bruce told Richard
Bruce figured that since he wasnít married Jason still lived at home with his parents. Or at least that is what he was hoping. After finding the address with some trouble. He rang the doorbell about three times. It appeared no one was at home. He was about to leave when he saw a neighbor standing outside on her front porch.
"You looking for the Walters, well they are at their son Jasonís wedding." "If you hurry you might be able to catch the ceremony." "Are you a friend of the family?"
After explaining to her that he was just someone who needed to get in touch with them , she promptly have him the address and name of the church.
"I was invited, however I offered to stay behind in case people started arriving early for the reception."
With that he thanked her and went on his way.

The whole ride to the church he couldnít shake this feeling he had. Never before had anything like this happened to him. Now not only did he have to let the victims family know. He also had what would be a terribly upset bride to deal with. It was times like this when he hated his job. When he arrived at the chapel the parking lot was full. By the looks of things this couple had a lot of family and friends that wanted to wish them well. he felt a little better knowing that this family had a lot of support in this moment of crisis. He kept praying as he walked through the doors of the chapel that Jason would pull through this and once again return to his family and friends. When he asked around he finally found the parents. There response was just as expected. The mother went into hysterics. The father, holding back his own feelings started asking for details. Bruce gave me as much information as he could without risking the investigation. He then looked around before asking the dreaded question.
"What about the bride?"
Hope Walters looked up at Bruce and started to scream out
"Oh dear, poor Jacqueline ! " "How are we going to tell her?"
Bruce had to offer. "Would like me to do it maíam?"
She just looked at him.
"Thank you officer for being so noble, however we should be the ones to tell her."
Bruce understood completely and felt even more sorry for the whole family. Including the bride to be. "Ok folks I am going to get back then and see if I can do anything to help catch the people who did this to your son."
With the type of courage that Bruce still couldnít understand Steve Walters just looked at him and said ,
"Thank you officer for letting us know." I trust you will keep us informed as to how the investigation is going?"
"Of coarse I will sir, now I best be letting you folks get to the hospital."
and with that as fast as he could Bruce was out the door and back in his car. He would catch these creeps if it was the last thing he did.

It had been an hour since the wedding was suppose to start. Jacqueline was almost in tears with worry. Where could he be. This wasnít like Jason. She looked over at Rachel who looked like she was starting to worry as well. Yet she continued to try and give Jacqueline the hope she was looking for.
"Donít worry Jacqueline, I told you he would be here."
Jacqueline couldnít take it anymore. So she decided to tell Rachel her biggest fear. After all she was her best friend.
"Iím pregnant Rachel."
Rachel just stood there in total shock.
"Your what !"
Jacqueline couldnít help but laugh at the expression on Rachelís face. "Iím pregnant silly."
Rachel smiled and went to hug her best friend.
"Congratulations!" "Oh my, ok I want all the details just as soon as you get back from the honeymoon."
Jacqueline took comfort in Rachelís words. She was glad that Rachel was happy cause she was so nervous about the pregnancy and needed Rachelís support.
Jacquelineís thoughts went back to the fact that Jason wasnít here yet. she asked Rachel " You donít think that is why he isnít here yet?" "He was so happy this morning." "You donít think heís having second thoughts do you?" "Getting a wife and finding out your going to be a parent on the same day, is a lot to adjust to."
Rachel tried to assure her. "Look if I know Jason he is probably just having some car trouble or something. I am sure he will love this baby as much as he loves you."
Jacqueline felt tears running down her face.
"Your probably right , I just canít help worrying."
Before Rachel could respond Kevin Alexander came into the room. Jacqueline looked up at her father and smiled.
"Heís here isnít he daddy?"
Kevin couldnít help but feel sorry for his daughter. This was suppose to be the best day of her life. This shouldnít be happening. He looked up and saw her face. She was smiling so brightly. He hated the thought of her reaction when they explain to her what had happened. He made a promise to himself he would be there for his little girl. She would get through this . The shock was still fresh. He couldnít believe it when Jasonís parents told him only moments ago about the shooting. Jason was a nice kid. And he was good for Jacqueline. He had given them such a hard time about getting married cause he wanted them to be sure it was what they had wanted. Plus he wasnít ready to give up his little girl. And now he was about to tell her that the life Jason and her had planned together may never exist.
"No sense in putting this off he said." "Honey you better come with me."
"Daddy whatís wrong?"
Tears came rolling down his face. He couldnít help it. This was the hardest thing he had ever had to do.
"Listen honey thereís been an accident."
"What happened daddy, where is he?"
He went to his daughter then and held her in his arms.
"He is at the hospital honey, come on weíll explain everything on the way."
As they went to join the others. Jacqueline knew that this was serious.

Stay turned for Chapter 2 comming soon !!