I'm 58 yrs. old, married nearly 39 yrs.
the second time around and have six children, 14 grandchildren and 2 greatgrandaughters.
I am on total SS Disability with Lupus SLE, RA, COPD, Fibromyalgia,
Sjogren's Syndrome & Crohn's Disease.
I am a virtual prisoner in my own home,
on a walker or I use an electric wheelchair to go out, which is rare.
I started playing the piano, self-taught, at age 3
and by 9 was playing every Sunday for our church.
I could hear a song and play it back for memory.
I still can. As I learned to read in school I taught myself the notes
and at 16 went for theory lessons for six weeks and took a state exam,
college diploma's weren't required back then, and started teaching piano and organ.
All those years I wrote poems and have over 100 songs copyrighted and a few published.
Plus I recorded and sold a Gospel Album in 1976 and donated
all the profits to World's Missions for Children.
I sang professionally through all those years,
between babies, and also taught for a total of 23 years.
Then I changed careers and became Vice President of Fleet Sales for a mega auto dealer,
being the top Fleet salesman/woman/person in the entire United States for 9 years in a row,
selling more than 100,000 cars and trucks a year to fleet accounts,
such as Alamo, Budget, Avis, National, etc.,
and huge leasing companies that supplied vehicles for their employees.
The last three years that I had this job
I became diagnosed with the Lupus and RA and hid it from my employer
for that time until my Doctor's warned it would kill me much quicker
than if I retired and took a disability.
I forgot to mention I worked those 15 years nearly 70 hours a week and the last year I worked,
I put in around 18-20 hours a week, after I got the courage to tell my employer I was ill.
It took three years to get my disability and I would give anything if I could still work,br> and be more useful, but that isn't in God's plan for me.
I continue to write for my friends and family, especially personal poems, etc.,
and do web pages which tell about me in general and hopefully will leave my family a legacy of faith, hope and love.
That is a little bit about me.
Diana Reed


A Special Poem Diana Wrote to Her Mother

Lollipops To Roses

When I was only two years old I'd stand upon a chair
And sing the songs that I'd been taught for anybody there.
Those days of being just a child I called them Lollipops
The Rose it was my Mother, to me she was the tops,
Gone are the days of Lollipops,
where joy of youth reposes,
For now that I have come of age,
I've gone from Lollipops to Roses.
Now I have Lollipops myself to follow my lifesstyle,
I hope when they become a Rose their lives will be worthwhile,
Gone are the days of Lollipops,
where joy of youth reposes,
For now that I have come of age,
I've gone from Lollipops to Roses.
I've gone from Lollipops to Roses.

of Diana Dobbins Reed - May 1976