Poems by Tams
  Choose Me  

There are some people;
That make you want to stay;
But there are a lot of them;
You wish would go away;
All I won't to know;
Is should I stay or leave;
It doesn't matter to me;
Especially since we are both free;
There are a lot of things;
I wish I could do;
To let you know how I fill about you;
But life is to short;
To worry about that;
That is not a lie either;
Today it's a proven fact;
So for now let's have some fun;
Enjoy our life together;
Goofing off as summer comes;
Then someday when you're ready;
You'll let me know;
Where I stand and should I go;
At least now were friends;
That is more than we used to be;
I remember all we did was fight;
Now you're nice to me;
I used to chase you;
I wonted you for my own;
Then I knew you couldn't stand me;
But I felt I was right not wrong;
When I realized how upset you were;
That I would not leave you alone;
I started ignoring you;
But I hated not talking to you;
Especially when I was home alone;
I wanted to call you up;
Just to say hello;
But I figured you would hang up on me;
Little did I know;
That you were home alone as well;
And it was me you wanted to see;
We finally became friends;
Now I am happy as can be;
And I hope when you choose that special someone;
That you will choose me.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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