Can I Cope With Life

Can I cope with Life
by Lorraine Lawrence
When I decide which way to go. I find myself in the same place.
I know I would be content with yesterdays memories, only to find
some of them or slowly fading.
Where will it finally lead? Do I just sit and let life pass on bye?
It seems like life takes you for a ride and then drops you off,
like you are nothing but a piece of trash on the  street.
With each new day I  sit, watch and wait to see what the
day will bring.
There use to be gentle voices you would  hear whispered in
your ear calling your name. Now I  sit in my lonely room,
feeling sad sometimes thinking about things that use to be.
The dark shadows have no place to go for I feel like I have
done the best I could. When you give all you got, even your
heart and soul it doesn’t stop the hurt that you are feeling as
life takes you one more step downward.
How much more can you take?  Sometimes we even wonder
if life is worth living. Friends tell us will be ok, yet they don’t
know the pain you feel, despair, and depression that sits on you
like a ton of bricks, that even a bulldozier you feel could not move.
You hang your head down and cry hoping will make you feel
better.  But you find it only makes you more upset.
Then  you ask the question Why Me?  Haven’t I been thur enough?
Will it ever come to a point where I will be happy again?  What
will tomorrow bring?  What happened to my hopes and dreams?
Is this what  life is going to be from now on?
I find myself thinking about the questions and fine I can answer
 them myself maybe not in the right way but seems to help relieve
the depression life has throwed my way.
Why me? Is a very hard question to answer yet I feel there is others
in this world that has more heartache and pain then me. Yet I hope they
can seek their answers as I tried to find mine.  Why me?  is one question
we will never know, for only God can answer that for us. We can only tried
to unchain our heart so we can cope and be free.
Haven’t I been thur enough?  Sure I  have in my mind, and I am not sure
have much more I can take, but one thing for sure I will fight for what I
believe in.  I have to think positive..There will be I know more hurts that life
is going to throw my way.
Will it ever come a point when I will be happy again?
Sure there is, someday I am going to be just as happy as before.
 Just have a positive Attitude on life. I  have found out
that life is not given to you on a silver platter you have to make it what you
want it to be..If you get up thinking today is going to be a bad day. Then more
or less it will be.
What will tomorrow bring? That only god knows, but if it does come then
make it better than yesterday.
What happened to my hopes and dreams?
My hopes and dreams our still with me, for if I give them up I would not
have nothing to fall back on in this life. No one can take your hope and dreams
from you. Work towards your hopes and dreams and you can achieve.
Is this what life is going to be for now on?
NO!  For I am  not going to let life is what I am going to make it and I choose
not to be down and out all the time..I want to be happy carefree..So this is what I am going to do..Throw open the curtains and let the sunshine in and take life as it is given to me..for that is all I can do..Try to make it better. The  sun can take away the storm clouds sometimes.  But remember even after a storm it clears and things are brighter too.  That is what I have to remember.  Life is not easy but you can cope if you take
your life in your hands instead of letting it get you down.  And all of us are guilty of
it at one time or more. I am not a religious freak but I believe in God, and I find
myself sometimes asking  him Why?,  But he is there to listen and it gives me strength
to talk to him.  He is there for me when no one else is...

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