Before You Go
by Lorraine Lawrence
Moment's pass as if hours, but together we stay,
Cradling the warmth, of yet another day.
But before you go "Keep your arms around me" I say.
So your warmth and love will stay with me forever.
Sounds of rushing water over the rocks, seems to talk to us.
As we hold each other with a gentle love.
You turn to me and say,"I want to hold you like this forever.
But you know it can't be, for I must leave.
'Yes I say we both have to go our separate ways.
The memories of this night will fade, light the moonlight upon the water.
But the stars in the sky will remind me of your eyes.
The sun will remind me of the warmth our bodies shared.
So Love please just hold me a little longer "Before you go",
"You say" There's nothing in this world that would please me more then to hold you this way.
For this night is special for me and always will be a memory.
You hold me closely and kiss my lips gently and slowly.
Then you stand, turn and walk away.
But I am sure I see you wipe a tear away.
As you dispappear into the forest.
"Goodbye, my love" I  whisper for there is tears in my eyes.
"Dream of me" though we may never meet again.
Even as I turn and walk in the other direction, with tears in my eyes.
We both know that nothing will keep us apart forever.

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