Poems by Tams
  Before You Break My Heart  

I really thought you were special;
I thought you were sweet;
But you really changed;
After about a few weeks;
I started hearing rumors;
That you were untrue;
But what am I to do;
Since I feel in love with you;
Oh please tell me all those rumors were lies;
Because I get hurt really easy;
And I am about to cry;
Do you love me or do you not;
Should I keep caring;
Or should I stop;
Oh please help;
There is just so much;
That I need to overcome;
Please tell me;
Is it something I've done;
You are very special to me;
I never wont us to part;
But if you're going to leave;
Then do it now;
Before you break my heart.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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