Poems by Tams
  All Over You  

When I first met you;
It was love at first sight;
I really cared for you;
From dark to daylight;
When you were around;
I was someone totally new;
But who am I now;
Since I don't have you;
I done all I could;
To try and make you mine;
But you still didn't notice;
And I had lost a lot of time;
We soon became friends;
Oh what a day;
But then you met her;
And drifted away;
I tried not to cry;
But still it wasn't easy;
I guess it never is;
I suppose all I am to you;
Is just another kid;
I put up with it for a year;
Then I finally pulled through;
You mean nothing to me;
I am all over you.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie

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